A daemon written in Go to automatically run a cryptocurrency miner at night when the monitor is asleep. Only supports macOS. Uses CoreFoundation and IOKit to interface with macOS and determine whether the screen is on. Uses Goroutines for asynchronous polling and to maintain the current state of the application.


A rendering server written in Node.js. Designed to be able to add universal Javascript rendering to any backend regardless of the language the backend was written in.


A dice rolling calculator created with React Native and Typescript. Uses a handwritten parser to parse input and a basic AST traversing interpreter to perform the calculation.

mongoose-session (deprecated).

An Express 4.0 middleware for using Mongoose to store user sessions. Now deprecated in favor of using connect-mongo.

symbaroum character creator.

A browser application to manage your characters for the tabletop RPG Symbaroum. Created using ES6 and React; deployed using Netlify with GitHub hooks for continuous delivery. Currently using LocalStorage to store characters, however future iterations may use a service to provide authentication and syncing.




Memphis, TN Since 06/2018

At AutoZone I designed solutions for an isomorphic web application using React and Node.js. Some of the problems I developed solutions for include server- and client-side logging, client-side HTTP request caching and retry logic, establishing "best practices" documentation for the code of our application, migrating existing Node.js patterns to Express middleware, and creating reusable React components to encapsulate markup, styling, and behavior. Along with developing these solutions I also learned Agile methodology, gained experience working with a distributed team, and conducted interviews for front-end developers and architects.

Library Market

Jonesboro, AR 01/201805/2018

At Library Market I built Drupal sites including a full-featured calendar and event scheduling system for public libraries as well as writing software to perform database migrations from legacy systems to our site. A few of the clients I worked with include Bossier Parish Libraries, Tompkin's County Public Library, and San Diego Public Library.

Thompson Wholesale

Paragould, AR 06/201312/2017

At Thompson Wholesale I honed in my HTML, CSS, and JS skills by building single-page applications for managing business data such as invoices, customers, and payments. I built the backends using Node.js, Express, and Mongoose, all of which helped me learn the ins and outs of Javascript. Here I began unit testing my code using the Mocha framework for the Javascript libraries and applications I was developing. My applications were designed to speed up productivity in a business that was managing their invoices and customer data on paper. Another project I worked on was a subscription service which provided customers with product discounts and free shipping for a yearly fee. I developed an accounts system which integrated with their existing CMS that would process subscription payments, send sign-up information and links to a new customer, and provide management with statistics about the success of the platform.


Jonesboro, AR 08/201108/2012

At IrishNinja's I learned PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS as a Drupal developer. We developed sites for local businesses and organizations while experimenting with cross-platform mobile application development using PhoneGap. A few of the problems I worked on while at IrishNinja's included Drupal database migrations, parsing external data and inserting it into a database using Drupal's API, developing an audio streaming backend, and developing a PhoneGap plugin in Objective-C to decode and play audio.

Arkansas State University

Jonesboro, AR

At Arkansas State University I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with Digital Emphasis. I completed courses in typography, identity design, advertising design, and provided assistance for the advancement of web development courses. For the web development courses, I gave lectures and demos on technologies such as Git/GitHub and the Flexbox layout in CSS.